Mùi hương này làm tôi nhớ đến nước hoa của bố tôi (sinh năm 1949). Nó có các nốt hương tuyệt vời của cây sồi, hoa oải hương và cây xô thơm, ấm áp và hấp dẫn.

Top: Cây xô thơm, cam, bưởi

Giữa: Hoa oải hương

Cơ sở: Oakmoss, hổ phách, đậu tonka

Bạn bè và gia đình: vui lòng sử dụng mã khuyến mãi LOCALPICKUP và cho chúng tôi biết trong phần ghi chú nếu bạn sẽ nhận đồ từ nhà hoặc phòng tập của chúng tôi.

Customer Reviews

Based on 6 reviews
Sarah Ellen
This is the best candle scent ever

Search no further. This is the best candle company you’ll ever need to buy from. Don’t even bother aimlessly popping tops the local homegoods candle section hoping to find something even remotely satisfying.

All of Mermaid Niore’s scents are executed flawlessly. The names invoking true nostalgia and actually smell like their descriptions.

1949 smells dapper. It smells like what being dressed up for a night on the town and walking down the side walk linked arm n arm with your favorite person smells like. It’s masculine, it’s feminine. It changes your mood. It puts your mind at ease.
Best scent I’ve ever found in candle form.

L. Ward
The perfect gift

This was one of the several candles purchased for gifts. My step-mom loved it!!! I'll be back to buy the bigger size.

Tiffany Sankofa
Well Alrighty Then!

Mermaid Noire has done it again! The interplay of notes on this one is like an olfactory symphony. Phenomenal!

If you’re going to keep making them like this, you’re going to have to give us a 6 Star option for rating.

Kenneth Jackson
The Best Candles Ever

My beloved daughter gave me the Lavender Dreams candle for Mother's Day. I loved it so much that I immediately purchased a set of three more. They burn smoothly and have the most wonderful scents. They are my new go to candle.

Erin Kahlenberg
So good I had to share it!

I love this one so much I had to buy it for a friend! Really great burn time and absolutely fills the whole house with an amazing scent. I'm gonna snag so many of these next time I do a candle haul!